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    Is Flash the right software?

      Not a Flash developer, I'm wondering if it's the right software for a project I have in mind. I want to create a database of 1000 or so photos. The computer with the database would be linked to several sensors that, if tripped by people walking past them, would cause the display of the photos (on a monitor) to change with the following variations: 1. slowing down or speeding up the sequence, 2. jumping from one sequence to another, 3. zooming in on a photo, 4. panning across a photo.

      I'd also like sound to accompany the photos.

      Is Flash the right tool?


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          Rothrock Level 5
          Maybe. Sounds like fun.

          Flash can do the things you have mentioned. Most of it not too complicated.

          The question comes in on the "linked to several sensors" part. As far as I know Flash doesn't offer a lot of options beyond the regular keyboard and mouse for input. We get a lot of "can Flash read a serial port" type of questions on the boards and the answers generally seem to be, "No."

          If the sensors you are using can do the equivalent of making the computer believe that the space bar of the "e" key (for example) have been press then Bobs your uncle.