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    Problem running FLEX made swf from location other than Flex Folder

      I made a Flex program to access a PHP frontend of an online database, and it works great, but when I try and copy the contents of the bin folder from my project folder to anywhere else on my computer (its how i used to test portability and if a project can be a standalone), it fails to connect and retrieve data. Pretty much fails silently. I think it may be because of the URLRequest code I use, because everything else in the swf functions correctly(buttons, skinning, layout interactions)

      var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
      request.url = " http://www.abcd.com/test.php?q=" + q.text + "&for=" + typeSelection;
      try {
      } catch (error:Error) {
      debug.text = "Unable to load requested document.";

      private function songListener(dispatcher:IEventDispatcher):void {
      dispatcher.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeSongHandler);

      private function completeSongHandler(event:Event):void {
      var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(event.target);
      debug.text = "data recieved!";

      Does anyone know why my flex swf would fail outside of the Flex Builder folder?