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    attachMovie Problems


      I have a flash movie which loads another flash movie into a movieclip and afterwards i attach a movieclip to this movie.

      function attachMovie(id,parent,name):MovieClip {
      var depth=parent.getNextHighestDepth();
      if (!name) name = "item"+depth;
      //trace(id + " : " + parent + " : " + name);
      return parent.attachMovie(id,name,depth);

      function loadMovieInto(parent,filename,onInit):MovieClip {
      var newClip = MTool.getNextEmptyClip(parent);
      return newClip;

      loadMovieInto(remoteMovieHolder,"SFI - Viewer.swf",Delegate.create(this,onRemoteLoaded));
      remoteMousePointer = attachMovie("RemotePointer",remoteMovieHolder,"remotePointer");

      And this works fine in flash 8, but the "RemotePointer" movieclip does not appear when the movie is played in flash 7. And since my employer who i am making this for cant guarentee that his customers have flash 8 i need to be able to support flash 7.

      Can anyone explain the problem here or give me some pointers to what might be wrong? As i said it works like a charm in flash 8, but nothing appears in flash 7?