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    linking without Map ID?

      My programmers would like users to be directed to the "welcome" topic of my help from multiple screens of the application (either by clicking on Help or hitting F1) without Map IDs being assigned. We are in a situation now where when a user tries to access Help from those certain screens they receive an error message (see systems admin 129) and my project manager doesn't want that to happen. So, what he'd like ideally is some default that will link back to the Welcome topic when no Map ID is detected.

      Is this even a possibility on my end?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi tlanderson

          Hopefully Pete Lees will see this and advise how it can happen. I'm pretty sure it can, but will require coding by your developers to accomplish. After all, they are God to the application!

          Bottom line is that there isn't anything you do on your end. Unless you want to create a single redirect topic that opens your Welcome topic. Assign a map ID to that and have them always link to that particular map ID when they want the generic call. Hmmm, thinking about it, why not just assign the Welcome topic to the generic map ID and use that instead?

          Just thinking out loud here... Rick :)