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    Undocumented api features in FDS

      I cannot find any documentation on the following:

      import flex.data.config.AssociationSetting;
      import flex.data.config.DataNetworkSettings;
      import flex.data.config.MetadataSettings;

      plus a whole number of flex.data.DataDestination methods... I think there's 7 documented currently and I counted over 40.

      Any chance there's an updated Javadoc that I just haven't been able to track down?

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          Peter Farland Level 3
          There isn't a more updated release of the FDS Javadoc at this time, however I'll log a bug for you to get these classes included.

          As for the actual destination level API and the methods that should be exposed, stay tuned - we're looking into programmatic access to help you out here in a future release.