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    Problems putting published director files into dreamweaver

      Hi, Im a recently graduated Graphic Designer and I'm on my first job creating a website for a printing company. Anyway the issues im having are, ive created a small interactive director movie to go on the home page, it has the same kind of feel to the flash on the home page of www.samsung.com. So ive published it and put it into dreamweaver and previewed it, and it worked fine. but when my boss tried it on his computer its not working due to the fact he needs to download the most recent shockwave software, but he doesnt want to do this and argues that he never downloads software updates, and if he doesnt then its most likely his clients wont either. I need to know if theres a way of gettin it to work anyway. I have flash on the site and that works fine its just the director stuff that wont. Ive tried creating it in flash but im having problems, with the rollovers it wont do the same things director will, and i dont know how to use the actions buttons properly.

      Any help anyone could give would be very much appreciated.

      Thanks From Nikky
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          Hi Nikky,

          The Shockwave plugin is required for viewing Director content on the web. And so if
          someone doesn't have it and doesn't want to download it, that person won't be able
          to view the content.

          The Flash plugin is installed on a far greater amount of computers. Recent stats
          say that something like 97% (or thereabouts) of web users have the Flash plugin
          while only 50% or so have the Shockwave plugin. So, designing with Flash is easier
          in that respect.

          Director Shockwave is used more for specialised purposes on the web rather than an
          all purpose site. So, if the plugin is an issue for your project and you can
          achieve the same things in Flash, then Flash should be your tool to use. If you're
          doing something that's just not possible in Flash, for example real-time 3D, then
          you'd argue that the Director is required and the price to pay for having that type
          of content is that your visitors will need to download the plugin to view it.

          Whether you're using Flash or Shockwave, it's a good idea to warn your visitors
          before they enter that page that the plugin is required and that they may need to
          install a newer version. People will be more suspicious and hesitant to install
          something that seems to be forced on them rather than offered in softer manner.

          Hope that's helpful. Good luck with your project.


          Director Lecturer / Consultant