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    merged webhelp copied to server

      The merged WebHelp works fine on my C drive, but when copied to the server, it opens to the blank parent screen rather than the child_1 screen, due to the absolute path I put in the parent meta code.

      Perhaps when WebHelp is published using the dialog, the server info automatically replaces the absolute path in the parent meta code. However, in order to copy it to the server, I guess the path should be a relative path, right? How is that written?

      Thank you.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Why have an absolute path on your machine? The relative path should be fine for both your machine and the server.

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            catamaran Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            I nearly replied that I copied the example on your website (and I'm profoundly grateful for your work), but on second look, I didn't do so. Your example does have the relative path - I had entered the absolute path instead.

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              MergeThis Level 4
              There's really no need to copy the Webhelp output to your server. Use the Publish feature in the fourth page of the Generate wizard. Simply create as many "Server Name"s and "URL" paths, then select one or more of them at run time. The beauty of the Publish feature is that RH only publishes the changed files, thereby reducing network traffic.

              Good luck,
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                Now I have a related question, after reading the last response.

                My WebHelp file will eventually be a merged file (so I can add separate department's docs). Fine, got that, no problem.

                However, our IT department is asking me to follow their *software release* process, which means I have to publish to a DEV server, then *they* will move it to a production server.

                What will that do to my links?? I can publish and that works fine, but I am now concerned about IT moving the files to another server.

                Thanks in advance!
                Please also reply to pro.techwrtier AT GMAIL dot com Thanks
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                  HKabaker Level 2
                  If the production server has the same directory structure as the development server, your relative links will behave just fine.

                  For outside links, if you're supplied the whole path, it should work.

                  If you've used any relative links to directories outside your WebHelp folder, it will work if the development server has the targets where you are pointing.

                  A caution: Make sure they understand they must preserve your directory structure. They'll see whdata, whgdata and whxdata directories for the master project and every merged project. These are not duplicates of each other, and their contents cannot be combined, and they can't all be moved to a common directory. (Systems people sometimes like to tidy things up.)


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                    DiMost Level 1
                    That should work then. Thanks Harvey!