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    Question about upload and download

    shyguychess Level 1
      I am running a flex application using flex builder and using the fileref.upload() to upload a file to the sever which is also located on the same machine, accessible through one of the ports. Do I need a cross-domain policy?

      Because I read the following from Programming ActionScript 3.0 Reference on the Adobe website...

      "Uploads and downloads are not allowed if the calling SWF file is in the local-with-filesystem sandbox. By default, a SWF file may not initiate an upload to, or a download from, a server other than its own. A SWF file may upload to, or download from, a different server if that server provides a cross-domain policy file that grants permission to the domain of the invoking SWF file."

      In what cases will the upload work and which ones will it not? I am confused.