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    Unable to merge

      I am trying to merge 3 child topics and of course 1 parent. I am using the instructions found at www.grainge.org but I must be doing something wrong. I created the structure as suggested, but I think the problem is with the generate and publish. When I generate and publish the parent and each child amd I supposed to check the Republish all in the Webhelp box and always have the parent, child1, child2, and child 3 checked? The first time I generated the parent I checked Republish All (parent, child 1,2, & 3). Then I generated Child 1 with just Child 1 in the Republish box and repeated with Child 2 and 3.

      That didn't work. So I went back and regenerated the parent, with all children. Regenerated Child1 with Child 1,2,& 3 in Republish box and repeated with Child 2 and 3. Still it didn't work.

      Any time I republish, all I am seeing is the last child that I published. What am I doing wrong?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Don't worry about Republish All. If you have published to a location before, it reduces the number of files published next time around but it's an option and not behind this problem.

          When you generate the parent, it will create a mergedProjects folder under the parent output. That folder will have one folder for each child and it is to there you publish each child. Sounds like you are accepting the default location in the first page of the wizard rather than diverting it to merged projects.

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            MergedConfused Level 1
            When I try to test the "published" files, the table of contents shows up, but I get the "Page cannot be Displayed" message in the main frame. When I select the "Allowed Block Content" (for pop-ups) hoping to get the page, then the Table of contents also goes away.

            If I don'' select the "Allowed Block Content" and click on one of the TOC books, I get a cannot find file, make sure address is right message.

            When I try the table of contents from the rh_generate folder the table of contents works so I can open any page from the table of contents but I'm still not getting an opening page when the file opens.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              Did you download my demo project?

              If you did, open the output from that, do you get the same problems? This will isolate whether it is your project or something else that you are doing.