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    Flex 3 Dashboard Demo - unable to open \libs


      I like the ESRIA dashboards here: Dashboard 1

      and here: Dashboard 2

      But I can't compile either one. I've tried two ways to run #1.

      1) Download the .zip file, use Import >> General >> From Archive. This extracts the file into my Flex Builder 3 directory and shows up with all the folders and files listed in the instructions. But when I try to run main.mxml, I get the error message:

      unable to open 'C:\Documents and Settings\[pathname]\Flex Builder 3\Dashboard\libs'

      2) Download the .zip file, extract it to a folder, copy the files manually. Same error message.

      Example #2 will not import at all; when I use Import >> General >> From Archive, the "Finish" option is grayed out after I select the .zip file.

      Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening?