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    TabIndex problems in custom components

      Hello, all!

      I don't quite understand tab navigation. I have two custom components: a link button and a text box. I need to be able, at the component level, to give the textBox.swc instances tab functionality (tab advances to the next one, shift-tab goes to the previous). The linkButtons are movieClips, so that they can be dynamically positioned. Is it possible to set focus on something like that? From what I've read it is. But, I can't seem to get it working using the same techniques I've used before for this component-level tabbing.

      Just setting their tabIndexes doesn't work. The textBox component has a textBox embedded in a movieClip, and that component is, in turn, embedded into another movieClip. I dont think that second movieClip is the problem. I think it's that we have a textBox (created using this.createTextField("_textbox", getNextHighestDepth(), 0, 0, textWidth, textHeight) that we then dynamically give a tab index from a parameter, but all that does is highlight all text when tab is pressed.

      Does tabIndex work on multiple layers? For example, can I do it per movieClip? If so...that would be my problem.

      Thank you for the help!