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    uploading to the web

      hello all

      first of all, i have no knowledge at all about uploading anything onto the web.

      i'm a designer, and i have my portfolio on cd created in director, but i really need to get it onto the web. i was wondering if someone could tell me if it's possible to have a director run application as a website? usually i see flash based websites, but is it possible to have director websites?

      i think it would be using shockwave? i don't know how to export it in that format .. or if a shockwave websites would even work on most browesers, because for flash websites the viewer requires flash player and more people are familiar with the flash player than the shockwave player ...

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          tdriley Level 1
          I'd say you should really stay away from using shockwave to make your website. The player download is 15Mb or so (most users will not already have this )and the installer will prompt people to enter their email address etc - it can really only be used in a suitable specific context where you know exactly who will be looking, not for a general website that anyone will be viewing. Exporting from director as a shockwave file (.DCR) is quite easy (see publish settings) but you will then be faced with the player problems when users want to view it.

          It might be worth learning some HTML and using Dreamweaver to make your website from scratch.

          Hope that helps.
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            cc12345 Level 1
            ah ok thanks.

            can direct projects be imported into dreamweaver? and then be uploaded onto the web without having to use shockwave??
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              tdriley Level 1
              No :(

              If you want to use your director project in a webpage it has to be shockwave. You'd have to use all of your source graphics etc and start from scratch with web pages to make it into a website.

              You could export your director project as an exe with all of the xtras included, then zip it and upload that to the web... the user could download at their end and then play. But they would nto be able to view it in their browser. Also, a zipped exe with loads of extras included would be slow loading, probably be a big filesize and would not be cross-platform.

              ...if you really can't re-make the portfolio, try posting them an autorun CD to whoever needs to see it.