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    Comic Strip

      I'm no artist, but Ive amde some nice looking graphics (see http://dcserver.ath.cx/picture.jpg and http://dcserver.ath.cx/picture2.jpg for examples) however I would like to make one long (and I mean long) panorama, that would perhaps start with more countryside regions and end up in the city (more like a backdrop for a game), however I feel uncomfortable working with fireworks with such a wide canvas, are there any techniques that can help simplifty the process, perhaps stitch several images together, and what is a good general quality height to use so quality is good for people on most resolutions?

      I know it sint a straightforward question but any hints would be appreicated. Im hoping to make it into a panorma/comic strip kind of graphic.
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          it depends on your screen resolution , if u use 1024 x 768 , you might want to want to change the image size size from 654 x 500 to some like 354 x 200 , try zooming and unzooming on some parts. You could even make the images smaller, since you used vectors on your images, then shrinking or scaling these images wouldn't be a problem