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    Access Levels: How many can I have?

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      I'm currently considering a couple of possibilities for a system for a client who runs a marketing company and he wants it where each of his clients has their own password protected page that lists only their information and only their information. I know you can set up access levels for the login and restrict access to area but can I set it up where if they've got let's say 50 clients, can I have it where each L/P takes you to the same php page with a different user_id which triggers data just for them?
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          I think you´d better try allocating a record to a certain user_id to make such a clear distinction -- usually by storing the "kt_login_id" - Session Variable in an extra column of the "contents" table when inserting the record.

          Once this is set, you can easily provide one page which displays the matching contents using a query like this:

          "SELECT * FROM contents WHERE user_id" equals the kt_login_id Session Variable

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