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    How to pass selection from one page to form in another?

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      Hi all,

      I have an "Events" page that is linked to an "RSVP" form page. On the events page, there are links under each listed event that say "RSVP for this event" that point to the RSVP page.

      The RSVP page is a form where you enter details and choose the event you are RSVPing for in a drop down menu (populated using a recordset because this all needs to be tied into an admin section of the site)

      How can I click on the RSVP for this event link and then have it choose the right event in the menu without having to remember what event and manually doing it yourself? For example, I want to go to event 2, I click the link to RSVP and in the drop down, event 2 is already shown as the first selection.

      I should mention that I used a Nextensio form for the RSVP page and manually built the Events page with a repeat recordset SB.