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    how do I list product details   using   check boxes to save having to write the same info over and o

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      Hi there

      First of all

      Happy New Year and I hope everyone is well all the best for the future

      Now...... back to the point

      What I want to do is........

      I am making a jewelry ... necklace... shopping site for my girlfriend.... well.... my wife in two weeks.... This site has been a loooong time coming.... I am still not happy with it so it still not public.... but is working ok She very upset it taking more than a year.... but I am still learning and I always want it better


      I have hundreds of Necklace details to enter..... i thought it would be easy but it is very tmie consuming...... So ...

      The necklaces are made from different kinds of stones.... turquoise .. agate ... and about a hundred more different kinds of stones

      In my add product form I have a field for entering product details..... to enter the different kinds of stones the necklaces are made from..... sometimes more than twenty for one necklace..... So what I want to do is have check boxes... or radio boxes to choose what stones to add to the description..... So I can have a list of about fifty different kinds of stones all with a check box next to them so that when you choose a box that stone name would appear in the product description

      Sounds easy but I can't figure out how to do it.....
      I think I need a different table in my database a 'stone_neck' field to store all the stone names.... about 50 fields..... .... with an id field and a name field and maybe a display field ....... I think

      Does that sound correct.......?

      If so then how do I display the details in a field in a table in my product detail page? I think I need a recordset on my detail page that gets all the stone names.... but how do I display the names of the stones that I have checked in the addprod form ? Do I need to put all every one of the stone info from the bindings panel? and then show region if .......

      i am confused
      If anyone has any ideas it would be great

      Have a great day