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    Session Var in Repeat Region Not Working

      Happy New Year All,

      It would be great to get some help with this pls with sugar on!

      I am not understanding why this repeat region is repeating the data but not the ID to go with the Session VARs setup to do it.

      It will repeat the correct data in the display area

      It won't repeat the session var placed in the URL to pass to update page.

      Only repeating the ID(Session Var) of the 1st record displayed in the recordset.

      Simply not repeating the EVID & PRID Sessions


      Event organiser:

      Event name:

      Event venue:

      Event Status:

      Event Date:

      Event Price:£

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          Just to clarify. It echo's the EVID & PRID on the first time thru, but on subsequent loop it echo's nothing?

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            Joseph07888 Level 1
            Hi Shane,

            Yes and no

            It echo's the first row throughout the whole recordset listing, but will only echo the url results for the first record in the database results.

            So if record 1 was (Event 1 = EVID is 1 and PRID is 1)

            record 2 is also (Event 1 = EVID is 1 and PRID is 1) but displaying the correct data on the screen.

            I am very confused.

            I have done what I'd call an MS patch to test that the SESSION VAR are working correctly which they are but just not looping correctly.

            E.g. I created a new page to link to changed the sessions var to a recordset ID to pass by URL and to a new page saying do you really want to change these details. (Same page as before but not looped / echod) The passed the SESSION VAR to the form update page.

            And it works but its a bit stupid in my op but it works for now.

            But i don't want to think of the easy MS way out of fixing something to come back and bite my (BUM) later.

            MS Joe