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    upoading flash files.... storing .swf names in database error..... add a   _1    suffix ?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there

      I am trying to have a field in me add product page to store the name of a flash .swf file that I waould like to display on my product detail page.....

      I have set the field file upload to accept .swf files and I can store the name in my database all easy ....exept that when I add a swf file name it puts a suffix at the end of it.... say my flash file is flash1 it changes to flash1_1 and if I use the same flash file for another product...... flash1 becomes flash_2 i have no idea why
      I need the exact flash file name to add it dynamically to my product detail page

      When I do the same thing with picture file names it does not add a suffix the name stays the same

      Any ideas why

      Any help would be great

      Have a great day