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    Tutorial Update: DW, ADDT and TinyMCE: the SMImage plugin: new chapter

    Günter Schenk Level 4
      Hi folks,

      those of you who found my tutorial "DW, ADDT and TinyMCE: the SMImage plugin" useful, might be interested in a new chapter I just published -- it´s called "Tips & Tricks: accessing different image folders using a dropdown menu".

      Excerpt from the "jacket text":

      Earlier this tutorial I tried to provide several clues about how to set SMImage´s "plugin_smimage_directory" configuration parameter to a dynamically created value. But does this mean that you´re limited to accessing just one particular image directory (including its subdirectories of course) once the page loads in your browser ? Not at all !

      TinyMCE has an amazingly flexible internal architecture anyway, and this will also allow you replace the initially defined values of "tinyMCE.init({" - configuration parameters "on the fly" using JavaScript.

      The following examples will show you how override your initially defined "plugin_smimage_directory" value with stuff that´s defined in a regular HTML menu -- for the simple purpose of choosing from more than just one "base" image directory

      The tutorial URL is: http://www.guenter-schenk.com/tutorials/tutorial.php?id=9 -- the new chapter is located at the very end of course

      Günter Schenk
      Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver