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    Tutorial Announcement : ADDT "tidbits"

    Günter Schenk Level 4
      Hi folks,

      now that my ultra-long "DW, ADDT and TinyMCE: the SMImage plugin" - tutorial can finally be considered completed (at least for now ;-)), I´m happy to announce a new sort of tutorial on my website :: this one is called "ADDT tidbits" and - unlike the other full-blown ADDT tutorials on my site - is meant to become a collection of comparatively concise how-to´s covering a variety of aspects which might come in handy for you guys.

      All "tidbits" will be assembled on one page (what´s hopefully acceptable now that I finally implemented a TOC and some sort of versioning...), and the URL is: http://www.guenter-schenk.com/tutorials/tutorial.php?id=11

      My very first ADDT tidbit has now been published over there and is named "creating a directory after inserting a record" -- just hop over there and have a read, because I think it´s a cool one :-)

      Günter Schenk
      Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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          woo hoo!
          thanks Gunter.
          love it
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            DwFAQ Level 4
            Heya Günter,

            Thanks for the tidbits and tutorials; as always they are appreciated.

            Your tidbit for creating a directory reminded me of an anomaly I encountered when developing this some time ago...

            I have done this in the past to create www.website.com/username directory and have restricted certain names from being used in registration for the purpose of avoiding a directory being created and overwriting a current directory.

            For instance if someone registered with username "include" which created a directory "include" it would overwrite your current include folder!

            In order to avoid this I have populated the database with names of directories that I do not want created and thus overwritten by registers.