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    Warning: Cannot modify header information

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      I've seen several messages about this problem but no clear solutions. the login settings need to be encrypted.I have new site, new includes, new login and forgotten password pages and still get the error. <br />" <br />Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started...." <br /> <br />Why is the code written wrong? Where do I look for the white space? <br /> <br />Thanks for your help. <br /> <br />Nick <br /> <br />here is the header code: <br /><?php require_once('Connections/conn_XXXXX.php'); ?> <br /><?php<br />// Load the common classes<br />require_once('includes/common/KT_common.php');<br />?> <br /><?php<br />// Load the tNG classes<br />require_once('includes/tng/tNG.inc.php');<br />?> <br /><?php<br />// Make a transaction dispatcher instance<br />$tNGs = new tNG_dispatcher("");<br />?> <br /><?php<br />// Make unified connection variable<br />$conn_conn_catboats = new KT_connection($conn_xxxxx, $database_conn_catboats);<br />?> <br /> <br /><?php<br />// Start trigger<br />$formValidation = new tNG_FormValidation();<br />$formValidation->addField("EMail", true, "text", "email", "", "", "");<br />$tNGs->prepareValidation($formValidation);<br />// End trigger<br />?> <br /><?php<br />//start Trigger_ForgotPasswordCheckEmail trigger<br />//remove this line if you want to edit the code by hand<br />function Trigger_ForgotPasswordCheckEmail(&$tNG) {<br />  return Trigger_ForgotPassword_CheckEmail($tNG);<br />}<br />//end Trigger_ForgotPasswordCheckEmail trigger<br />?> <br /><?php<br />//start Trigger_ForgotPassword_Email trigger<br />//remove this line if you want to edit the code by hand<br />function Trigger_ForgotPassword_Email(&$tNG) {<br />  $emailObj = new tNG_Email($tNG);<br />  $emailObj->setFrom("{KT_defaultSender}");<br />  $emailObj->setTo("{EMail}");<br />  $emailObj->setCC("");<br />  $emailObj->setBCC("");<br />  $emailObj->setSubject("Forgot password email");<br />  //FromFile method<br />  $emailObj->setContentFile("includes/mailtemplates/forgot.html");<br />  $emailObj->setEncoding("ISO-8859-1");<br />  $emailObj->setFormat("HTML/Text");<br />  $emailObj->setImportance("Normal");<br />  return $emailObj->Execute();<br />}<br />//end Trigger_ForgotPassword_Email trigger<br />?>