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    Tutorial Announcement :: Building Advanced Advertisements System ::

    Waleed Barakat Level 1

      Hello Friends

      Our tutorial today will teach you and me, how to build an :: Advanced Advertisements System :: using (ADDT) or Adobe developer toolbox and Dreamweaver Cs3.

      At the end of this tutorial you will be able to view the advertisements in your website in many different Positions in your page (Top - Bottom - Right - Left).

      All Advertisements are shown depending on number of days defined by the administrator, so there will be a (startdate) and (enddate).

      At the end of the period that defined by the admin, all expired advertises will be invisible and give a warning to the administrator to determine whether to "Delete" it or give it another publish date.

      There will be some advanced calculation in the advertisements list to help you know how many days the advertise(s) being visible, it is the result of the difference between the (startdate) and (enddate) and it counted Ascending .

      Also there will be another Descending calculation that tells the admin how many days left until the (enddate) or the advertisement(s) expiration.
      Control the advertisement(s) (width and height), well with this feature you gonna determine the W*H for every advertise by adding a dynamic value instead of the normal W*H that retrieved by the Advertisements Recordset.

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      Best Regards
      Waleed Barakat.
      Developer-Online Creator and programmer