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    Auto insert values to addition fields from a comma seperate value input?

      I pray someone (Gunter :) ) knows how to do this or perhaps a better approach.

      I have a google map api geocoding application that I created by following some sample files from the google api documentation. Works really well.

      It gets the address information from an address field that has its values put in this format

      "Street# Street, city, state/province" So... it would like like "123 fake ave, toronto, ON"

      It is able to generate the longitude and latitude perfectly. How ever on the front end I would like the user to pull down show me based on just the city.

      so.. show me "New york" or "Bowling green"... I was thinking of adding a city field into my table to facilitate this. It just seems redundant since the user already is going to put the address (which includes the cityname) above in the format I detailed. This is so the geocoding works.

      So in the admin section when they add a new record is it possible to have some hidden fields that take the second comma seperated value (which would be the city)from the "address form field" (which is formatted with commas liek above) and input it into my "city column" in my table ?

      any help of guidance is greatly appreciated, as always