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    ADDT Help for hire?

      Hi - hope this is an allowed topic on this forum. I'd love to keep the site in ADDT and not have to start all over again using a straight PHP scripter.

      I have an ADDT 'Course Registration' site that is 80% finished, but I need some help with 2 custom triggers and a form 'agree/disagree' feature to complete the project.

      If there is someone out there who can help, please email me johnnycoco @ *otmail.com and I can send you the details of my requirements so you can send me your time/cost est.

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          I would like to add that I occasionally have a need for more advanced features that I cannot handle on alot of my sites as well. I too would like to have some contact info for any interested ADDT/MX Kollection developers that could handle the more intensive stuff. If you are interested, email me at jgroh@watermark-media.com