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    Can you update the results of a recordset?

      This is probably extremely simple but I am unable to see the answer. I have a query on a page that produces a recordset. The content of the recordset is used to generate a downloable csv file.

      My question: when this query is run, can it automatically increase the value of a parameter in the recordset's data table from 0 to 1?

      I'm trying to achieve the following:

      Each time the csv file is generated, I only want fresh records to populate the file. I need some way to tell the data table to make available only those records that haven't been "downloaded" yet.

      Obviously this isn't really downloading. I'm not sure what to call it. Nothing is happening to insert or update a record to trigger anything. It's only the query that's polling the data table that makes a difference.

      Am I making any sense?

      In general I guess what I'm trying to do is update the results of a recordset.