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    Dynamic Images and Friendly URL's

      I have a custom CMS I built and use for many clients. The common complaint I get is that the URL's are not "friendly" so I decided to try some URL Re-writes.

      Re-writes obviously change the directory structure, therefore other included items and images cannot be found. For example: An index page in root may appear as "www.domain.com/cart/view/13" tricking the browser into thinking it is in that directory. I just simply set the BASE URL on the index page, and all is well.

      All my site images called normally are working fine (html img tag). But my dynamic images and dynamic thumbnails are getting lost. The odd thing is, the system generates the dynamic thumbnail correctly, but then it can't find the thumbnail. That means it:

      1: Found the original file
      2: Created the thumbnail when the page was called, in the correct location.
      3: Now it cant' find what it just created

      It's not just thumbnails, dynamic image can't seem to find any images.

      On a further note - I do use includes extensively in case that matters. However, normal images show no matter how many levels deep the includes get, the problem is only occuring with the dynamic images.

      Anybody have any suggestions!
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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Sean,

          it looks as if the answer can be found e.g. in the file "includes/tng/triggers/tNG_DynamicThumbnail.class.php" -- many functions in here (for instance "getFileName", which returns the relative filename) use the variables...

          $relpath : the relative path (of an image file) to the site root
          $currentfolder: sets the relative path to siteroot

          This probably explains why the dynamic thumbnails can´t be found in case your rewrite rule doesn´t match the physical "relative to site root" location of the file that´s calling the Dynamic thumbnails functions

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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            budeborton Level 1

            Thanks for giving me someplace to look.
            I'm going to dig into those variables, and also double check to see if I've accidentally made a "hack fix" in the past that may be causing this.

            I'll let you know once it's solved.