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    Error converting image, cannot create thumbnail, linux server nightmare

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there everyone <br /> <br />Hope everyone is doing really well <br /> <br />I have finally decided to try to fix a problem I have had for almost two years now <br /> <br />I have read all the posts about this problem but I still cannot find the answer <br /> <br />Every time I apply a show thumbnail server behavior I get this error <br /> <br />Error converting image (create thumbnail). The "/home2/mysite/public_html/images/thumbnails/" folder has no write permissions. <br /> <br />Which sounds easy <br />SO I reset the file permissions on the image file and the thumbnail fil and I still get the same error over and over again <br /> <br />really frustrating as it means I have to have an extra field in my database and in my upload forms to store a tumb sized image <br /> <br />I have read in one post to create a new php file and paste this code <br /><? phpinfo(); ?> <br />then check if GD library is enabled it IS enabled <br /> <br />I read in another post that I should change something in my php.ini file on my server .... but I CANNOT find the file and I don't know what how or what to change..... <br /> <br />Has anyone actually got the show thumbnail behavior to work on a linux server <br /> <br />I would REALLY appreciate any help solving this problem <br /> <br />have a great day