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    xml feed slideshow pasing variables to detail  page .... confusion ... Help Needed

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      Hi there Everyone

      hi Gunter

      I aam having some problems...... yet again.....

      I did have this all working but now I cannot get it to work .... driving me crazy

      A few months ago I had a post on this forum to help me pass a variable from my list page to a detail page that contains an XML flash slideshow that gets, loads, feeds, its image info from a separate 'getpi.php' page that contains the xml info to feed the slideshow

      i still have my other site (still not finished) working with an art gallery that is still working fine ....the same as what I want now but I cannot copy the way I did it to my new site... very frustrating

      Now I have been trying to do exactly the same thing again but I cannot get it to work no matter how hard I try ...(more than 10 solid hours..really)

      i will start the same as before and explain what I have and what I cant get to work....

      For a start I am making a site with a lot of users with a list user and detail user pages ..... and on the detail pages I would like a slideshow that feeds form another page my 'getpic.php' page ( feed more pictures from the users... five extra pictures to be displayed in a slide show )

      I have my listusers.php page working well ... it lists my users and passes a URL variable to the detail page ..... the url variable is 'id_usr'

      I have my userdetail.php page working well.... it displays all the correct pictures from the correct users ..... I have inserted 6 different images... a main picture and all the 5 pics that need to be in the slide show..... (using show image behavior)
      (so I know that the detail page is recieving all the correct pics)

      I have the record set on my detail page set to filter by
      id_usr url varriable = id_usr

      Is that correct? .... i think it is .. . just want to be sure

      now I also have a getpic.php page (that feeds the slideshow)

      I also have a testslideshow.php page that has a slide show inserted in it and that has a recordset that is not filtered by anything .....

      When I test the testslideshow.php page it works ... It uses the getpic.php page to retrieve the pics for the slideshow and it works 100%
      So I am pretty sure the get pic page works too......

      Now it gets difficult for me .......

      The last time I asked about doing this You (Gunter)gave me some code to past at the top of me userdetail.php page and my getpic.php page....

      now I cannot get it to work at all

      First the getpic.php page.....

      The first bit of code to be put at the top of the getpic.php page is

      to be put at line 1

      (this is the same as before and still works fine on my other site)

      and I have set the record set on the getpic.php page to filter by

      id_usr session variable = session_id_usr (I have tried id_usr too)

      Does that all sound correct?

      Now my detail page

      You (Gunter)wrote me some code to stick at the top of my detail page ....

      Now I have modified this code to use my new variable 'id_usr'

      Does that sound correct?

      The recordset on my userdetail.php page is filtered by url variable id_usr

      And i have also tried to filter the recordset by session variabl = session_id_usr ( and just id_usr )

      I am REALLY lost
      I have tried every possible combination of this and I cannot get it to work I haad it working before and I cannot get it to work now .... which makes me feel even worse .......

      Could you please look at all this and tell me if ..... or what I am doing wrong .........

      I am really sorry for brining up the same topic i