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    nested master/detail pages?

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      Hi all,
      I created a master/detail page set on a specific db table (table1).
      Actually a dynamic list and the related dynamic form.

      The dynamic form contains a drop down menu that contains data rettrieved
      from another db table (table2).

      Is there a way to udate the table2 data while editing the table1 data
      without loosing all other entered data?

      I open the dynamic form for table1 and I see the dropdown menu (category)
      linked to the category table.
      The category I'm searching for is not contained in the dropdown menu.
      I click a button placed near the category table and the category table
      opens. I edit the category table and close it. Now I'm back on my table1
      dynamic form with the category drop down menu updated. I select the new
      category and go on with updating the table1 form.

      Is there a way to do this with ADDT?

      Thanks for any suggestion.