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    Tutorial Announcement :: How To Use Auto Complete Text Form Control ::

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      Hello Everyone...

      Here in this tutorial we gonna to learn a new and amazing feature of (ADDT), we will learn how to use Adobe developer toolbox (ADDT) form controls.

      Form controls help you to add a fantastic features to your forms, that helps you to expand the form abilities and functionality...

      The Auto complete Text Field is an enhanced text field that dynamically completes what you type with matched values from a table. You can also select the values from a list.

      You can use the Auto complete Text Field in user registration forms, such as allowing users to select their country or city easier, Also in other forms that needs the user to pick one of many choices without any difficulties.

      To complete this tutorial you will need to install the following software and files:
      Adobe Dreamweaver Cs3
      Adobe Developer Toolbox (ADDT)

      Don't forget: to try out the Demo type the first three letters :A - B - C

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