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    Help Critically Needed For User Registration Error


      I have tried insert record wizard for a recruitment form I am trying to do but it generated mysql: error creating fake recordset.

      I resorted to user registration, but same error persists. I recreated the table but still the errors occur. I have googled solutions for it but nothing helps. I checked the mysql reserved word lists and was sure there are no reserved words being used.

      Even the user priviledges had drop and create temporary tables permission granted. Can anyone please, please tell me what could be wrong?

      There error is:

      Internal error.
      Developer Details:
      SQL error: Error creating fake recordset:
      You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '-nonlisted, '' AS current_employer_city, '' AS current_employer_phone, '' AS fcu' at line 1
      SELECT '' AS first_name, '' AS middle_name, '' AS last_name, '' AS app_sex, '' AS birth_year, '' AS applied_Position, '' AS position_Status, '' AS street_Address, '' AS email, '' AS app_City, '' AS app_state, '' AS password, '' AS app_phone, '' AS emer_conname, '01-03-2009 9:53:02 A' AS registration_date, '0' AS terms, '' AS app_education, '' AS education-nonlisted, '' AS current_employer_city, '' AS current_employer_phone, '' AS fcurrent_employment_month_start, '' AS current_employment_year_start, '' AS current_employment_month_end, '' AS current_employment_year_end, '' AS current_employment_position, '' AS current_employer_reason, '' AS username, '' AS pre_emp_name, '' AS pre_emp_city, '' AS pre_emp_phone, '' AS pre_emp_month_start, '' AS pre_emp_year_start, '' AS pre_emp_month_end, '' AS pre_emp_year_end, '' AS pre_emp_positon, '' AS pre_emp_reason, '' AS additional_info, 'N' AS sdl_ref, '' AS sdl_ref_name, '' AS sdl_learn, 'N' AS pre_employment, '' AS pre_employment_month, '' AS pre_employment_year, 'N' AS cur_employment, '' AS elig_month, '' AS elig_year, '' AS app_available, 'N' AS app_layoff, 'N' AS app_travel, 'N' AS app_visa, 'N' AS app_convicted, '' AS convicted_reason, '' AS exp_offshore, '' AS exp_oilfied, '' AS exp_craft, '' AS special_skills, '' AS id (FIELDS_FAKE_RS_ERROR)
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      And the page code is: