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    Insert/updates with conditions

      Hello All.
      I have a complex (for me that is) page where I'm trying to insert into three tables, or updating two of them if a record already exists and can't quite figure out how to do it using ADDT.

      This is for a summer camp registration page for a school. By the time the page is reached, I have the camp id passed along as a GET variable. I then have a form for the student and the student's family info.

      I have three tables: the family table, the student table (with a familyID FK), and the campSignup table (with a studentID FK). I first want to check to see if the family exists. If it does, I want to update the family record with any new info. If it doesn't, I want to insert a new record.

      If the family exists, I check to see if the student exists. If he does, I update the record. If not I create a new one.

      Then I create a new campSignup record with the studentID.

      I've created the separate insert and update transactions, but once that's done I'm stuck. I've tried creating a Check Unique trigger but the only thing I can do with it is generate an error message. I want to use it as a conditional to point either to the insert or update record.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction?