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    Developer-Online.com - Amazing (ADDT) Link Exchange Directory is Now Available...

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      Dear Developer-Online.com Member...
      As Developer-Online committed to update and improve itself and it`s framework regularly, I have the honor to inform all of you that a new and powerful -- Links Directory -- has been published today.
      Now you can link to Developer-Online and place your link with the most known Dreamweaver Php tutorials website over the internet.

      This Directory fully made with Dreamweaver Cs3 and ADDT.
      Actually i have the honor of using such tools.
      Free versions will be available soon...

      Primary features:
      1- Unlimited categories and subcategory depth.
      2- Comprehensive category and link management through the easy to use admin control panel.
      3- Directory visitors can suggest links which must be approved by the administrator.
      4- Directory Visitors can suggest main categories and subcategories which must be approved by the administrator.
      5- Basic logging functionality logs administrative operations in the database.
      6- Link pagination for categories with many links.

      Future Features:
      1- Link Counter for each Subcategory for more easy navigation.
      2- Search engine friendly URLs using Apache mod_rewrite.
      3- Backup and restore the link/category database from the admin panel.
      4- XML sitemap protocol support and built in search engine notification tool.

      PHP 4 or PHP 5
      MySQL 4+
      GD for image verification/CAPTCHA (optional)
      Apache mod_rewrite for search engine friendly URLs (optional)

      >> :: Demo Available Here :: <<

      Have Fun.
      Because Open Source Matters.
      Best Regards
      Waleed Barakat
      Developer-Online Creator and programmer