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    Upload 5 images at a time with each having a usr id ,( kt_login_id)

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      Hi there

      Hope everyone is going well......

      I am stuck.... yet again.

      I would like to be able to upload 5 images at a time.... (not from one form field). I want 5 form fields with only one insert button.

      But each image has to be inserted separately as a separate record with it's own id and usr id

      Unfortunately multiple image upload does not suit my needs.(I think)

      I will explain.

      I need to upload images into a image table. I need each image to have the usr id (of the person who uploaded the image)

      My table is as follows


      I have a site where a user registers, logs in, and then is directed to a page to upload images.

      In the image upload page I have a upload form

      I use the kt_login_id to insert the user id , as text, into that form.

      All this works great. the form gets the correct id and uploads it into the table.

      But.... I want to be able to upload 5 images at one time.

      As each usr has their own gallery. Which may contain many pictures (20++)

      I also need to display images from one user that the image names are all stored in the same table..... so I can use only 1 dynamic data field to populate my usr gallery page ......

      (I also use an xml slideshow that displays images from one usr. (I have that working now ... finally) The xml page that feeds the slideshow needs to retrieve image names from only one table field.....)

      The reason for all this is so that a new user to my site can register and upload images into their own gallery easily and aqap

      The whole process already works ..... but I have to upload each image separately..... which is ok for me .... but a hassle for new users

      Is there a way to do this.

      basically upload 5 images from one form into one table (5 records) each with its own id and usr id ?

      Any help would be great

      Have a great day