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    Image gallery DELETE IMAGE function broken

      I followed the ADDT Basic Image gallery tutorial and everything was working flawlessly until I got to the delete image section. I added the 'delete image' information on the list_img.php page, and that is all linked correctly.

      on the delete_img.php page I followed the tutorial to the letter, an when I click the delete link on the list_img.php page it gives me this error (with the correct url listed):

      Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: tng_dispatcher in /home/myhosting/public_html/MyAccount/gallery/delete_img.php on line 10

      The code on that line of delete_img.php is:

      // Make a transaction dispatcher instance
      $tNGs = new tNG_dispatcher("../../");

      I even re-uploaded the entire /includes/ folder to no avail. Help please!