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    Validation and IE error


      It there a way to take out the javascript on form validation? I would like to just use the php validation. Also is anyone else having this issue. If I disable javascript in IE 6and7 the php validation doesnt work. I can't even view page source with javascript on or off. I just have a simple login form and nothing else.

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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          regretfully ADDT doesn´t provide a "switch off javascript validation" option -- that would require to modify whatever files in the "includes" folder, yikes.

          I can't even view page source with javascript on or off

          now that´s weird, as IE´s native "view page source" should work without javascript enabled -- it might be an unrelated problem due to other circumstances such as described here:


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            I figured it would take a lot of work. The weird thing is if I take out the include that adds the javascript validation. The backup php validation doesn't work..