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    how to RESTRICT User login after set of period is over

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      i have a dating site and i need to prevent users from being logging on after their account duration is over example:

      i registered on 16/10/2007 and my account valid till 16/11/2007 so the restriction must be set and the account suspended till i reactivate the account by the site admin.

      note: i use this fields in the user table:
      - start_date type: date
      - end_date type:date

      so i set it manually from to set of periods.
      i tried to create a custom tigger and set the session var well to get the register date and compare it with the end date then redirect the user to another page let`s say request_activation.php
      so it does n`t work probably and redirect the user even if the time is over or not...