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    Dynamic List/Form navigation problem

      [I just posted this to the Interakt forum was told to use the new Developer Toolbox forum instead. I assume this is it, unless there is a better place to report bugs. I also assume that NexTensio lists are now Dynamic Lists.]

      About two years ago I reported an issue where the update/cancel etc. buttons on a NexTensio detail page didn't work correctly when used with frames. The issue involved IE6 - no problem with Firefox. The issue was confirmed as a bug and fixed the following week. I think the problem has returned - at least with IE7 (perhaps IE6 too). I have pasted my original post below.

      I expect fixes will take a little longer now. If there is a patch which I can apply manually I would be grateful for the information. Of course I can edit each page (and reedit when updating) but this would be a lot of work.

      The current issue is with DW CS3 and the Developer Toolbox (PHP/MySQL), IE7

      Tom Dupre

      PHP/MySQL - Kollecion 3.1.0 - IE6
      I have developed an admin section using frames. Menu items in a left frame link to various NexTensio lists, linked in turn to NexTensio forms. In Firefox everything works correctly. In IE6 when I click Cancel or Update button on a form, instead of returning to the list page, the initial frameset is loaded, inside the frame - ie I have a frame inside a frame and no list view.

      As I mentioned all works as it should in Firefox. Also, I don't think was a problem pre 3.1.0; I uploaded a copy of the site to another site before I upgraded and this version works fine in IE.

      I can fix the problem by adding 'KT_back=-2' to the Cancel link, :

      However this takes you to the wrong page in Firefox (two pages back - could be another list altogether).