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    Multi Image uploads same page but one selection = 2 images

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      Hi There,
      I have a page that uploads 4 different images but it takes four different linking events by the user. Is there a short and sweet means to populate the selected location to both the thumbnail and full size image fields?

      Basically I have 2 sets of fields. Each has a large image (resized) and a thumbnail (resized). But since the Thumb and large image are created from a single target it seems like there should be the means to make one selection but upload and resize as two different end files.

      Anyone done this before?

      I suspect that by altering one of the values in the image upload trigger I could populate the selection value for both thumbnail and large image fields.

      function Trigger_ImageUpload3(&$tNG) {
      $uploadObj = new tNG_ImageUpload($tNG);

      If anyones done this in the past please offer a suggestion what fields need to be changed or if this will even work.