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    Question about Show If User Logged In

      I have a site that allows users to search for employers and jobseekers but they must be logged in to view the details of the profile. I have setup the login form and it places values in the database for a user sessions. I have checked firefox and cookies are created for my site.

      But when I login and then move to the search page to view results, the profiles are still displayed as not logged in. The three user levels 0, 1, 2. To view the details of the profile, you need level 2 and I have double checked the database to make sure it is.

      Do I need to set up something else on the view profile page that checks for the cookie, or checks the sessions value in the database?

      Do I need to pass a variable through each page which lets the computer know I'm still logged in?

      Here is a link,


      login: marias
      password: sanchez

      once login go to "find talent", use leave the search values as default, search and then click any profile in the results. You should notice the image I have setup in the "else" statement. The profile view is limited by the "show if user is logged in" even though you just logged in.

      Thanks in advance,