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    Are wildcards the answer?

      I am creating a project to list properties. I get everything in data dumps, so there is no need to upload anything.

      The problem is ... every property has its ID number and each property may have several pictures. For the general listing, showing the "main" pic was easy enough just using the dynamic field in the string that made up the image.

      However, on the following page I want to show all of the pics. All of the images are named accordingly "NAMEOFAREA_IDNUMBER_$.jpg" (with the dollar sign being any letter of the alphabet from a - h or so, and in either upper or lowercase) .... I just cant figure out how to pull them since the names of the files never accually go into the database.

      Any suggestions? the only thing i can think of is some kind of wildcard entry where the dollar sign is ... but how man ... how?


      10 minutes later ..LOL ... I added a table to just hold the letters a - h and pull them in with the repeated region. But now ... if there is no image to display, it gives the indented square with an "x" inside where it thinks an image should go 9 times!!!! can I not show them if the image doesnt exist?????????????