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    Got ADDT.  Now what?  Zend?  A Designers view.

      Why do you use ADDT?

      Is it because you don't know much in the way of coding and like that a graphical interface like DW can do much of the work for you?

      Or you know how to code but appreciate how these add on extensions can really shave time off the dev cycle so that means more money in your pocket?

      Myself I am primarily a Designer. I realize I need to continually increase my skills and knowledge of peripheral disciplines for many reasons. With programming, need to be able to fix small errors my hired programmers may miss. I need to be able to also effect small changes to code in CF, ASP, PHP and also .NET.

      As time goes on I find I'm learning so much that I have to wonder if I am going to have to to jump off the deep end and fully learn to code.

      I can make more money if I hire professionals that know what they are doing for larger projects. But these days I find I can whip up some simple programs without too much help.

      In comes the extensions...

      ADDT and the Web Assist products allow people such as myself to put some things together quite rapidly.

      BUT, I also find myself being sucked into learning more and more programming. Being a Designer, I tend to be the one that figures out the design and functionality and do not like being confined by any type of "template" limitations.

      So what's next? Zend? I downloaded their latest beta and appreciate it's ability to check syntax and also auto-complete various common elements. If it also had an integrated suite of extensions that allow rapid development it could be a DW - ADDT killer. Seems it would all depend on if it was best suited for the more seasoned user that was used to coding from scratch but, as is the case with these new extensions, liked the benefit of having a program do much of the common task work automatically.

      Any other folks using this program (Zend) or in the same boat as myself?

      The only problem I've encountered so far is that after Zend reformats the code DW and ADDT no longer recognize their prior code. Other than that they play nice.

      So do any seasoned programmers use ADDT? OR is it just a stepping stone to , ack, cough, handing coding everything....
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          eokorie Level 1
          Hi Steve,

          I personally use ADDT as I find it makes coding my websites a bit quicker. I do have experience in hand coding but why re-invent the wheel when a tool can easily shave off the amount of time you have to spend on coding. Besides, there are times when I find myself having to hand-code some extra function into my apps just in case ADDT can't them. A primary example of this is the Show Thumbnail behaviour in ADDT. Ideally most of us would rather have this create the image thumbnail on the fly when an image is being uploaded instead of having to create them when the specific page that has the Show Thumbnail code is loaded. To get around this, I am having to create a custom trigger and hand-code this into my pages. Just because someone uses ADDT does not necessarily mean he does not know how to hand code. I also tend to rely on APTANA IDE when Dreamweaver fails to deal with some issues where PHP and Javascript are concerned.
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            Thanks for the reply Emmanuel,
            I also have seen the problem of uploading and processing the same file for both Thumbnail and Regular usage. I've yet to allocate time to solving it but will consider your notes regarding a custom trigger.

            It's amazing the products that are out there after you start to look around. CMS and IDE... Joomla, Zend and now I'll have to test out Aptana. Can't believe it's at version 9 already...

            Personally I think all these programs really help you learn how to program even though they are doing much of the work for you. There seems few times when you can just use the extensions without thinking of other things you would like to do , outside the box.