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    Multiple File Upload tutorial???

      I am creating an update record form solely for uploading a video to your member profile. I have added a file form with the update record wizard. Then I add multiple file upload.

      This is what's confusing, why is there a separate button that says upload, and then there is the normal file form browse button?

      Second, when I click the "multiple file" upload button, it brings up the flash page, I browse for a file of 10mb, it shows the progress bar, but then the page reloads with the message:

      "There are no files uploaded to the server.
      Click the Upload button to select the files to upload."

      where did the file go?

      the max file size is 60mb. The file I chose was only 10mb...

      I have tested it with a very small video file, and it does add it to the list, but then what do I do from there?

      I click update record but it tells me the file form is empty, then what is the point of the multiple file upload?

      it does place it in the folder on the server but, how do I add that record to the database?

      I know this is a lot, but the concept of the page is simple, add a video to the member database record...

      Thanks for the help,
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          Waleed Barakat
          Hi, W scott
          to be able to upload file with this high size 60 MB you have to make sure that your server is supporting this action actually i tried to upload 5 MB but no response then i checked the hosting company and found the solution there.

          for the update page:
          you have to pass the URL Parameter to your uploaded file like "id_file" for example that points to the record id in the database.

          you can see a live example of how to use "Multi Image / File Upload"

          the Password for every member found there is: 2020

          enter to the site and try to use View/Update my album and see how it works.
          it is completely like your case.