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    Date picker trouble

      I have added the date picker widget to a text field in a form that takes a date value to put in a sql database. How ever I can´t get any action. The button comes up fine but On click nothing happens. I have checked all the include files and they seem to be all there. I have allso made sure Java script is enabled and updated. In IE it says error on page in the bottom left but in Firefox absolutely nothing..
      Any sugestions??
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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Christian,

          one possible reason might be that some required javascript files are missing in the document´s head. I´m attaching a screenshot showing the source code of a file which has a working Date Picker instance -- please compare that to your page´s source code and check for possibly missing files.

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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            Hi Günter. Thanks for your super quick reply.
            I just can´t figure this out.I have x-checked the includes from your dump. Everything is there. And they are allso uploaded on the remote server of course. I don´t get any error messages, it just doesn´t work on click. I am working within a template with editable regions, could that matter? First it put the includes in the body. But I have tried to put it up in the head as welll. same result.
            I thought I had this figured out but this doesn´t make sense...

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              Günter Schenk Level 4
              Hi Christian,

              you´re actually not the first one having problems when using ADDT components embedded in DW templates -- as far I recall from reading previous related "bug" reports, templates will not take the script´s "relative path to server root" factor into account, and when the page that´s using template X resides in some sub directory, these paths are incorrect.

              I don´t get any error messages, it just doesn´t work on click.

              in your initial post you said that IE does display an error message -- IMHO this could be a good indication for the "wrong path" issue mentioned above.

              Günter Schenk
              Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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                Hi Günter again.

                This sounded very likely. I have gone throug the code and the include paths. As far as I understand, it looks like the are correct in relation to where this page is located. Even though it is in a subdirectory. I will experiment a littel but I it looks like I will have to let this go as it is taking a lot of time. I´ll just validate throuh mask instead. But it looks like a nifty little feature to pick the date from a calender..

                Thanks for your effort.
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                  Hi all,

                  I have a similar problem.

                  Platform: DW CS3 (WinXP), LAMP, ADDT

                  We created a list using the "Create Dynamic List Wizard" and then a the corresponding form using "Create Dynamic Form Wizard".

                  In the list we have a textfield for ArrivalDate which is supposed to collect datetime. This same field is displayed on the corresponding form.

                  When we applied the Date Picker to said field in the form, the code is correctly inserted. We saved and uploaded both pages and the whole includes folder. Then we open the form but the date picker icon is simply not there.

                  We have tried lots of different options but nothing works.

                  We have reviewed plenty of times the VERY short tutorial at:

                  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/9.0_ADDT/help.html?content=MXK3_042051_Configuring _Picker.htm

                  We have tried lots of different options but nothing works.

                  Is there any update to the ADDT available? Whats the current stable version? We have 1.0.0

                  Please help.


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                    cgrray Level 1
                    Maybe you've solved this but just in case - i had the same problem. The button appeared but nothing happened when I clicked it and there was an error on the page message. after checking all the includes on the page and uploading them all again I noticed that the includes/resources/ folder was missing from the server. when I uploaded it everything worked fine.
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                      Have you found the problem, as i am having the same issue. the button is there but it does do anything on the page.


                      I have checked everything in the posts to no avail
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                        Well i figured out my problem but i need help fixing it.

                        If i take out my two Spry Data sets my date picker works.

                        I can someone tell me what is wrong with these couple lines of code that would be preventing my date picker from working.

                        var rsEjob = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("../../rstoxml/Ejob.php?JobID=", "export/row");
                        var rsComm = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("../../rstoxml/Comm.php?JobID=", "export/row");
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                          Well, now doing more testing, this is what i found:

                          You can not use the date picker and dependent drop down inside a Spry Data Region. Does anybody know why or have a workaround for this. Because i dont want to wrap every spry data field with a span or div. I set up a region with a table inside that holds my form elements.

                          Anybody have any ideas???
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                            Any Thoughts???