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    Dynamic Lists help please

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi ADDT is great as are all adobes products.
      Have been using ADDT for a while now and had no real problems.
      Have got user registration / login email activation working like a charm... but....

      I am trying to create a page on my site for people to submit their own tongue-twisters. I would like their new tongue twisters to be automatically inserted into a list into a tongue twister list on another page.(A list which is not editable on the same page ).

      I can create a form using the create dynamic form wizard and use it to insert a new tongue twister into my database..... this far I can do ok..... but...
      What next? I use the dynamic List wizard to create a list which grabs the tongue twisters from my database inserts them and automatically grows when I insert a new tongue twister but......
      the list has lots of buttons and other stuff around it which I don't need.(edit,filter etc etc). I just want the list to display tongue-twisters
      with nothing more than a heading for the list a comment and number for each tongue-twister.
      Am I using the right tool? Is the dynamic list wizard the right tool? or is
      it used for something else, I haven't figured out yet. If not what tool do I use to create the list I need? Can anyone help me? Does anyone know of any tutorials which teach similar things?
      Any help would be much appreciated.
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          Günter Schenk Level 4

          you´re right, in this case the features provided by an ADDT list are overkill -- I suggest to rather create a custom-made list where you put the required information in a table and apply a regular DW "Repeat Region" to the 2nd table row which contains the dynamic data.

          In order to make this list display the current user´s tongue twisters only, you´ll need to create a query like:

          "SELECT twister_id, twister_headline FROM twister_table WHERE twister_userid" equals ADDT´s session variable "kt_login_id" -- I assume that you´re storing this value with each tongue twister record.

          In addition you might want to order the records by "twister_id DESC" (descending) to display the latest tongue twister record first.

          However, on this list you´d just need to add a link to an ADDT "insert record" page, which will simply have to redirect to that list after successfully inserting the new record.

          BTW, all manually created PHP pages which utilize a session variable will have to provide an

          on the very first line in order to correctly detect the session.

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver