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    Error in DW when using Dynamic Data

      Hello all,

      I'm not sure if my problem is common or rare, so I'll give you two versions.

      Short Version:
      Everytime I load a page with Dynamic date (I'm using PHP MySQL), the problem tells me an error was encountered and it boots me after I select to send or not to send the Error message.

      Long Version:
      I have a database in MySQL set up to use. I have 23 or 24 fields in the main DB, and 6 other DBs involved. Currently I'm only using Dreamweaver for Data Entry into my inventory. I created a Add Product page to update the MySQL DB, and I succesfully entered about 80 products. I then decided I wanted a new category, added it to MySQL, and proceeded again. This time I encountered an error.... something to the tune of my SQL Script being bad at the " on line 1. I'm not very familar with MySQL, and after a couple of hours trying to figure this out, I went to bed. Next morning, I try to recreate a new database, and a new DW site, to start from scratch (since everything was working fine before the errors).

      Now my errors are listed in the Short Version. Everytime I open a page with dynamic data, the program ecounters an error and I get booted.

      Anyone experience anything similar, or anyone know any solutions?

      Thanks much for any input.