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    Next - Previous record in ADDT?

    Mick Tomlinson Level 1
      I have an image gallery that displays a dynamic image from a dynamically created thumbnail, which works fine.

      Is there a way to have 2 arrows at either end of the thumbs and move to the next image in the recordset, ie a Previous and Next link? ...just like there is in the pop-up window if you use the dynamic Thumbnail tool - but I don't want it in the pop-up window, but rather in the main window.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Mick,

          Perhaps you've already found an answer to this question. But I've learned thanks to a tip from Günter Schenk here on these forums, (and with some experimentation on my part), that one can add paging navigation using Dreamweaver's native tools to do as you describe.

          Data tab > Recordset Paging : Recordset Navigation Bar (and sub options)
          Data tab > Display Record Count : Recordset Navigation Status (and sub options)

          I've been using the native Recordset Navigation Bar to compliment ADDT without trouble.

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            Mick Tomlinson Level 1
            Many thanks for the reply. Yes, I had managed to solve it with the help of Tom Muck's Detail Page Navigation Suite. But it took much blood & sweat to get it to do what I wanted!