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    Great program - great support from original InterAKTfolks

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      Not to get all gushy but ....

      I've looked all over for comparable programs and nothing compares to ADDT (originally InterAKT's Kollection).

      The InterAKT support site is still about the BEST you'll ever find on the web.

      Looks like some of the same guys from InterAKT forums are helping out here (Günter Schenk) ... and I've found them to be excellent.

      Just thought I'd show some appreciation for what InterAKT created.

      Sure hope Adobe keeps the InterAKT folks around and rewards them handsomely.

      Just my 2 cents for a job well done.


      P.S. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any new tutorials from Adobe's ADDT area and I've been checking for months.