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    changing the error message

    (Laurence_Lewis) Level 1
      Hi, <br /> <br />How do I change the error message generated for a function such as an expired login. <br /> <br /> <?php<br /> echo $tNGs->getErrorMsg();<br />?> <br /> <br />Thanks <br /> <br />Laurence
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          (Laurence_Lewis) Level 1
          HELP - Does anyone know which inc generates the error message?
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            Günter Schenk Level 4
            Hi Laurence,

            ADDT´s error messages are spread across all those XYZ.res.php files located in the includes/resources folder -- and in your case it seems to be the file "tNG_pro.res.php" which provides the error messages related to the login.

            In here you´ll find two message variants : one for ADDT´s "development" mode, and the other for the "production" mode. As you most likely will not need to edit the "development mode" messages which are identified by a trailing "_D" in the variable name (e.g. BADWORDS_SQL_ERROR_D), you´ll just need to adapt the "production mode" messages (e.g. BADWORDS_SQL_ERROR)

            Günter Schenk
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