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    Dynamic Data with text field w/ line breaks and paragraphs

      Hi, I am using dreamweaver developer toolbox, and I have a database field called news with a type of field "text", when creating the admin section to update. delete and add news I specified this area as a textfield area. everything works great except for this - when typing in news to add or edit a news section, if I hit enter for new line or new paragraph, it doesnt show up on my main page when I use the dynamic data:dynamic table section where end users can just view the latest news, the only way to get this is to actually use html for line breaks and new paragraphs within the admin section.
      But If I dont use html for line breaks and paragraphs, when I go to edit the news, it shows up with line breaks and new paragraphs where I can edit it.
      what am I doing wrong??
      Please help cause this is kind of urgent, and I dont want to give this admin interface to an end user to update there news then have to teach them how to use html for line breaks or new paragraphs.
      Thanks Alot